Recover Formatted Data

Reformatting a drive is a quick way to give a fresh start to an old drive. Many people though forget that they need to backup the important files in that drive before doing so. If you’ve forgotten to do a backup before a reformat or if you have wiped out your data accidentally, don’t panic just yet. You can still recover formatted data using Stellar Windows Data Recovery.


Bring Out Your Files With Data Recovery Software


Even though you’ve reformatted your whole system and your data seems gone forever, your files are still in your computer but are just in an inaccessible location. To recover formatted files, Stellar Windows Data Recovery usually does a thorough search of your storage system, tracks the files, and restores them. If you want to do file recovery after format but can’t remember the file name, you can search a word or phrase in the file through the software and find the files that match the word or phrase you’ve entered.


Recover Files Outside Your System


Not only can you use your Stellar Windows Data Recovery to recover formatted data in your computer, you can also use it to recover data after you format external devices such as USB drives, external hard drives and iPods. If you intentionally deleted some emails but want to retrieve them for some reason, this software can even rescue those messages and the attachments that come with it.


Recover Formatted Data With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

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A Few Tips to Recover Files


For you to easily recover files after format, you need to remember that it’s best to recover them as soon as possible before the computer overwrites the files and your data will be gone for good. Also, try not to do any defragmentation or error-checking processes after your computer crashes or suddenly shuts down, because this might delete your files permanently and remove any chance of recovery.


If your deletion accidents consist of just erasing a single file, you can always look for that file in your folders to see if they were just transferred to a hidden folder or a temporary folder. But for drastic accidents, such as a virus infection or a systems crash, that make it necessary to reformat your system, your best bet is getting help from software that will recover formatted data. Not only will you save yourself the trouble of going back to square one and redoing or redownloading your files all over again, you will also get the peace of mind of having a ready solution to your file recovery needs.


Watch As We Walk You Through Exactly How To Recover Formatted Data