Recover Accidentally Deleted Recycle Bin

There comes a time when you feel the need to clean out the files in the trash. So you start from cleaning up your computer. You remove unused icons from your desktop, go through your folders, and transfer some files to the Recycle Bin. And the worst of things happens: you forgot you had some files transferred to Recycle Bin and accidentally emptied it out!


After realizing that you might have had some important files in there, you rant to your friends and the only excuse you can tell them is, “I deleted my recycle bin by accident.” If there’s an urgent reason for you to recover an accidentally deleted Recycle Bin, you can use Stellar Windows Data Recovery. Here are also a  few alternatives you can do by yourself for Recycle Bin recovery.


Peek at Your Hidden Folders


The Recycle Bin usually stores files you’ve dumped in there so you can rummage through it later if you need the files. But because there’s an “Empty Recycle Bin” option that can always be selected, anyone can experience having a deleted Recycle Bin much to his or her regret.


One option you can go for is to look through your other folders if there is a copy of the file you wanted. Your computer is full of hidden folders, so go to the Folder Options you can find in the Control Panel, and select “View hidden folders” so you can look through them.


Recover Accidentally Deleted Recycle Bin With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

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Start Searching with Recovery Software


If you’ve looked through all your folders but still can’t find your files, cheer up because you can still recover your Recycle Bin files. Even though it seems that you’ve permanently deleted files from the Recycle Bin, your files are still stored somewhere you can’t access. But with Stellar Windows Data Recovery, you can get hold of these files and restore them.


Files you’ve deleted from the Recycle Bin can’t always be restored with the operating system you have. What Stellar Windows Data Recovery does is provide you with an operating system of sorts to find the files you’re looking for. All you need to do is download the software, run a search, and restore them to your computer. Even if you’ve forgotten the file name, you can just run a general search for any missing files, it’s that easy.


It’s important to get right on with restoring your files because the sooner you do it, the better the chances that the computer doesn’t delete or overwrite it permanently because it might consider it an old file.


Why Having Recovery Software is a Must


Yes, Stellar Windows Data Recovery is the best tool to restore Recycle Bin problems, but there are other situations that can lead to your files being lost. Situations like a systems crash, a virus infection are very common causes of data loss, and you’ll never know if that can happen to you one day. With recovery software, not only will you recover accidentally deleted Recycle Bin data, you also protect yourself from any other scenarios where you can lose valuable data.


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