How To Recover Crashed Drive

When we take a look at hard drive sizes, we usually see drives that reach 300 to 500 gigabytes. That’s a lot of space – and we usually take advantage of that fact. Our hard drives are usually filled with photos, videos, music and a dozen other file types that hog up all that space.


So what happens when it all comes crashing down? Hard drives are machines like any other and they are susceptible to failure. When a hard drive crashes, it can take along a lot of other things with it. Files on a hard drive can range from vitally important to sentimental in value; if you haven’t backed them up yet, you’ll have to face the fact that you need to recover your crashed hard drive.


Trouble Strikes


How do you know when your hard drive is about to break down? There’s no exact science for predicting when it’ll happen. The best hints are when your PC slows down when you’re accessing data or strange noises start to come from the drive whenever it’s in operation. When this starts to happen, it is best to start backing stuff up. However, hard drive failure can still hit without warning. This means you need start trying to fix it. This is because data lost during a hard drive failure are still there – but you need to act quickly before it degrades. Crashed hard drive recovery can range from simple to difficult. Here are some options.


Recover Crashed Drive With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

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Hard Drive Recovery: First Aid


So how do you begin to recover a damaged hard drive? The best route is to scan it with Data Recovery Software like Stellar Windows Data Recovery.  But you can also try these two fixes as well –


Detach your hard drive from your PC and use an external hard drive case. This will enable you to hook up your hard drive via USB and retrieve the data from another computer. If that doesn’t work, you can also clone your hard drive using imaging software. This doesn’t always work properly, but when you’re desperate, every little bit helps.


A lot of data-recovery specialists also swear on freezing your broken hard drive so that it can work again. You’re supposed to seal it in a watertight baggy and put it in your fridge’s freezer for 12 to 24 hours. After getting it out, hook it up and get the data out quickly before it heats up again and crashes.



Best Resort To Recover Damaged Files


Stellar Windows Data Recovery wes created with the single purpose of saving your data from being wiped out forever. Recovering a crashed hard drive is quick and simple for Stellar Windows Data Recovery. Simply download the software, scan your hard drive, and restore the data. It is that easy.


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