Outlook Express Recovery

Outlook Express RecoveryFor many home and small office users, the expense of running Microsoft Outlook isn’t justifiable.  In response to this, Microsoft developed Outlook Express.  While the software offers a look and feel similar to Microsoft Outlook; Outlook Express is completely different from an architecture point of view.  Outlook Express uses a .dbx file to store various folders on the user’s hard disk.  These folders are then stored in a hidden store folder.

Despite continuing developments and upgrades from Microsoft, these folders are still susceptible to corruption from virus attacks, anti-virus scanning, application errors, and folder compaction errors.  The result is lost data and the inability of Outlook Express to function properly. When this happens, many users resort to uninstalling Outlook Express and reinstalling the application.  This of course poses the risk of losing all emails, contacts, etc.  A great alternative is Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery.

Salvaging Outlook Express

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery can restore all objects and folders associated with Outlook Express, while preserving their original structure, and more importantly, content.  The software can seek out and recover .dbx and .eml folders that are otherwise difficult for users to manually locate, let alone repair. The number one benefit lies in its ability to preserve and restore email messages and contact information that would otherwise be lost in a typical uninstall/reinstall repair effort. The software can repair .dbx files that are corrupt and fix .dbx files that are damaged.

Great Product, Good Support, Fair Price

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery works very well, and is pretty straight forward from a user interface point of view.  The Outlook repair tool is well supported with 24×5 support, a free trial, and a 30 day money back guarantee. In our experience it’s not a matter of if Outlook Express will crash, but when.  It is always a good idea to have Outlook Express Recovery ready to repair and recover your .dbx files.