iPad Data Recovery

iPad Data Recovery

  • Recover deleted photos and videos from your iPad and iTunes backup
  • Restore lost contacts
  • Preview items you’d like to restore
  • Select deleted notes and appointments for recovery
  • Risk free with a 100% guarantee


iPad Data Recovery Utilities

5 years ago few people would have agreed that we would do so much with our tablets. Apple greatly accelerated the adoption of tablet-based computing with the iPad. Now a central part of our digital lives, our iPads manage media, appointments, notes, and more. The only caveat is storage space on the device. Because of the limited storage capacity, we sometimes delete items to make room for new priorities. But what happens when you want to retrieve that deleted song, picture, video, note, contact or appointment?

The simple answer to this question is to use iMyFone D-Back recovery utility. This software will allow you to quickly and easily recover selected items that have been deleted or lost from your iPad.


Recovering lost files from your iPad can be simple.

Use a software utility simplifies the process. Rather than having to have intimate knowledge of where every deleted item may reside in a backup, use a software utility to assist with iPad data recovery. Wondershare offers a great utility that can quickly and easily recover lost or deleted iPad data.

Do you often delete photos or videos to free up space? When your iPad starts to slow down because its storage is full, you can delete files to free up space and increase performance. But what happens if you need to recover that video of your child learning to ride a bike, or that picture you took of a piece of tile to match at the local home center? iPad data recovery utilities allow you to restore these items from your iPad backup without any advanced computer knowledge or skill.

Only restore what you actually need. If you deleted files to make room on your iPad, chances are you don’t have enough storage to restore everything back onto the device to retrieve one or two items. This renders the restore function of iTunes useless. Thankfully iMyFone D-Back allows you to pick and choose the specific items you want to restore. So rather than restoring gigabytes of information, perhaps you’ll only be restoring a few megabytes for a picture or video, or even less if it’s something like a contact or note. Regardless of what you’re looking to restore having the ability to pick and choose gives you great flexibility and makes the most of your device’s storage capacity.


iPad Data Recovery Features

  • Recover photos and videos – Quickly photos or videos you may have accidentally deleted, or deleted to free up storage space.
  • Recover important contact information – iMyFone D-Back software allows you to restore important contact information so you never miss the opportunity to reach out to friends and business associates.
  • Recover just what you need – With the ability to preview the items to be recovered, you can be selective with what you restore.


    • Use a solution from a reputable company – Most, if not all of the information you may be looking to recover is personal in nature. Don’t trust that information to just anyone. Choose a reputable company like Wondershare to provide your iPad data recover solution.


    Start using iMyFone D-Back data recovery software now!


    When you realize you deleted or lost an important video, picture, contact, note, or appointment from your iPad, you want to recover it ASAP. Thankfully iMyFone D-Back recovery software allows you immediate access to the tools you need to recover your data.


    Trusted by over 4 million users, and backed a 100% guarantee, iMyFone D-Back recovery software is quick to install and can be downloaded right now! Guaranteed virus-free downloads ensure iMyFone D-Back is the safest, easiest to use option for restoring your important iPad data. Don’t delay in recovering your lost iPad data. Download iMyFone D-Back data recovery software right now, and have your missing files back in minutes!