Recover External Hard Drive

Nowadays, hard drives aren’t only found inside computers. External hard drives are a common sight for those who work with a lot of files or those who just want to carry around their hard drives without bringing along a PC or a laptop. You must admit – hauling around the files you need for your job is a lot more convenient with a portable hard drive.


It is also a great way to share files with your friends and family. The HD videos of your vacation and the tremendous amount of pictures of your family can be passed around without the trouble of burning a DVD – besides even the smallest external hard drive clocks in at 160 gigabytes these days. That’s a whole lot more than the five or so gigabytes that a DVD will give you.


However, with all of the transferring around and accessing of data, you may eventually face a problem with your hard drive. It’s a machine, after all, and sometimes machines fail. If you’re lucky, you have a back-up. But what if you don’t? Then you need to recover your external hard drive’s data.



Don’t Worry But Hurry


When your external hard drive goes on the fritz, you don’t have to worry. Data recovery from your external hard drive is quite possible. It’s pretty much the same process you do to recover a normal hard drive. Remember that even if you can’t access your files, your data is most probably still there.


Recover External Hard Drive With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

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However, once you know your external hard drive has been damaged, you better do some external data recovery and fast. This is because even though the data is still there, the longer you wait before retrieving it, the more damage it receives.


One of the best options for external hard drive data recovery is to use Stellar Windows Data Recovery. It’s quick and easy – though you’ll probably also want to try other options to cover all of your bases in recovering your external hard drive.



Going About It


First of all, better check what’s wrong. Your drive may not be receiving the power to run so you can’t access the data. Plug in your external hard drive in your USB and check for the green power light that is usually found in external hard drives. If it’s not blinking, your hard drive’s got a power problem. There’s no other solution to it than getting it repaired at your local computer service center.


If it does blink but you still can’t access your files, then you’re probably experiencing a software problem. It can easily be remedied by using procedures that work for normal hard drives. Connect your external hard drive to a computer that uses a different OS – this may cause a bit of damage, but better to lose just a few of it than all of it.



The Best Option


However, the logical and best option for recovering your external hard drive’s data is to use specialized data recovery software such as Stellar Windows Data Recovery. Designed to specifically handle this task, Stellar Windows Data Recovery gives you the best chance to recover your external hard drive files. It also handles other situations where your data might have been lost or damaged and getting one installed in your computer will truly be a very good investment.


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