Data Recovery Made Easy
Recover Your Lost and Deleted Files In Minutes!

  • Recover deleted and lost files

  • Recover data from an SD, external, USB, and more

  • Recover your recycle bin

  • Recover files after data reformat

  • Recover missing documents, music and videos

  • Recover files from Mac HDD and external hard drives

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Data Recovery and Repair Tools

Losing important data can be a nightmare. Depending on your particular problem, try out the software below. With a free scan you can see what it comes up with.

Digital Photo Recovery

Recover Lost or Deleted Photos from Windows or Mac!

Mac Data Recovery

Recover Lost or Deleted Files From a Mac Computer!

iPhone Data Recovery

Recover iPhone Data

Windows Data Recovery

Recover Data From a Windows Computer

Android Data Recovery

Recover Android Data

Excel Recovery Software

Repair and Recover Corrupted Excel Files!

Outlook Repair

Repair and Restore Outlook Files

Outlook Express Recovery

Recover and Repair Outlook Express Files

Raid Recovery

STELLAR DATA RECOVERY TECHNICIAN RAID Data Recovery Tool Recovers RAID data from RAID 0, 5 and 6 Drives Recovers deleted documents, photos, emails & more from RAID drives Recovers data from lost or formatted RAID logical volumes Creates bootable USB media to recover data from non-booting Windows PC Supports storage media & RAID arrays having… Read more »

Android Data Recovery

With over 500 million Android phones activated going into the fourth quarter of 2012, and 1.3 million being added to that number every single day, the amount of data stored on Android devices is mind-boggling. But what happens when something goes wrong? This can leave even the most technologically savvy user looking for an Android… Read more »

iPhone Data Recovery

The iPhone and Apple’s other iOS devices have revolutionized the way we communicate, enjoy media, and pursue entertainment and productive endeavors on the go. But as we centralize more of our computing and data consumption onto these devices, the likelihood of losing or corrupting data grows. As good as the iOS and iTunes applications are,… Read more »

Office Password Recovery

Layered security is a wonderful thing.  Password protection at the network, system, application, and file level greatly increases the effectiveness of the simple password architecture found in the Microsoft Office suite of products.  Unfortunately, losing one of those passwords can restrict access to important files or applications causing a potential loss of data, inconvenience, and… Read more »

Stellar Windows Data Recovery

Stellar Windows Data Recovery is a simple yet effective file recovery software that allows users to recover accidentally deleted emails, attachments, and files; as well as recover data lost to bad sectors on a hard drive or other unforeseen events. Stellar Windows Data Recovery has won multiple awards including Viatech’s innovative excellence and Technology Company… Read more »

Outlook Repair

Microsoft Outlook contacts, email messages, notes, folders and more are stored and indexed by the .pst file.  If this file becomes corrupted, Outlook typically can’t run the profile associated with that .pst file.  If you’re a business person, and that profile happens to be yours, you might as well not bother showing up to work.… Read more »

SQL Recovery Software

The heart of nearly any small, medium, or enterprise business is the information stored in its database. With so much riding on the information and associations made in a SQL database, the thought of corrupt or lost information, procedures, or associates is devastating. For small businesses without dedicated DBA support, Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Recovery… Read more »

iPod Recovery

No one will argue that Apple revolutionized the portable entertainment market with the introduction and continual evolution of the iPod. As the device has gained acceptance and dominance, users have transitioned from using it as a dedicated MP3 player, to storing personal information, contacts, videos, pictures, and of course, music.  With users adopting the increasingly… Read more »