Digital Photo Recovery

It’s happened to all of us. We take our camera out to capture a few photos and when we get around to printing them or viewing them, they are nowhere to be found. Worse yet, imagine spending thousands of dollars to take the trip of a lifetime, buying a new camera and storage media specifically to document the trip, and create lasting memories; then upon returning home, not being able to see or find any of the images because of corrupted storage media.

Luckily Stellar Photo Recovery offers their suite of photo recovery software which allows users to recover lost or accidentally deleted photos from a variety of sources.

What Can Stellar Photo Recovery Do?

We decided to test the manufacturer’s claims to some of the key functionality of the photo recovery program. Stellar claims that it can recover photos from nearly any device. The list of supported storage types and devices includes: CD ROMS, mini disks, memory sticks, flash cards, micro drives, SD cards, XD cards, MMC cards, and all major camera manufacturers.

To test these claims we used photos taken on a Nikon D40X and a Canon Powershot SD 1000. We purposefully removed the memory card from the Cannon while the camera was on, and removed the battery from the Nikon while it was saving a file. Both of these instances created corrupted data and the apparent loss of images stored on the SD cards.

Easy To Use

With our photos missing on the camera and unable to be found in a card reader in our Toshiba laptop, we turned to Stellar Photo Recovery. The user is presented with an easy to navigate interface that allows good control over the software functions. After selecting where we wanted to look for our photos, Stellar Photo Recovery showed us thumbnails of the files that were on the corrupted SD cards. We were able to recover the photos to our hard drive and then reformat the SD cards to clear the corruption.


Stellar Photo Recovery is a powerful and convenient photo recovery tool that should allow users to recover important images in the event of a mishap. With awards from, ITshareware, and Shareware Island, Stellar Photo Recovery lives up to its manufacturer’s claims as one of the best digital photo recovery software on the market.


  • Can recover files lost to data corruption
  • Recovers files on formatted drives
  • Recovers data from using multiple devices
  • Recovers accidentally deleted photos
  • Supports Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Canon, Sigma, Minolta, Pentax, Fuji, and Kodak products

When To Use

  • Accidentally deleted media while Camera was on
  • Lost files from shutting off camera before saving
  • Reformat your storage media before backing it up
  • Lose images by moving storage media
  • Accidentally delete a photo