Recover Files from SD Card

SD cards are now more popular than ever because of their usefulness. For one, they are very convenient to bring considering its size. You can use it to store your files from any of your gadgets such as your laptop, digital camera, and even your cellphone. And because it’s becoming more powerful and practical than ever, SD cards can hold up to a whopping 32GB of memory inside just a small device the size of a guitar pick.


But sometimes, even the biggest of problems can come in small packages when all your files are accidentally wiped out from your card. When you’ve put important files inside your SD card and the card was accidentally formatted for some reason, you might need an extra hand to recover files from the SD card. For this, consider using Stellar Windows Data Recovery or try a few other options as shown below.


Hook It Up


If your SD card is inserted in your computer when your files are deleted for some reason – like when your computer crashes or you accidentally reformat the card – it might be easier to have an SD card file recovery process. Sometimes, when you connect your SD card and look through the files via your computer, the computer sometimes copies the files in a folder called “Temporary Folder”.  If your SD card recovery doesn’t work through this method, then maybe it’s time to bring external recovery software to help you.


Recover Files from SD Card With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

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Recovery Software for SD Card


Because accidents like unintentional reformats or systems failure aren’t so rare, Stellar Windows Data Recovery is available for computer users who need an easier solution to their problems. Fortunately in this case there is a specialized software that specializes in recovering SD card files. What you have to do is insert the memory card in the computer, run the software, and you can recover the Sandisk card data right away.


Why You Can Still Recover the Files


The good thing about a memory card is that the files are still stored inside, despite the fact that your computer may not be able to locate them. They still exist on the lower levels on your hard drive. But the only way to restore SD card data is by using software to get at it.


One Last Thing


One thing you have to make sure you do not do is to add files to the memory card before recovering the other lost data, because that might automatically overwrite the missing files and eliminate your chances of retrieving your lost files.



Stellar Windows Data Recovery is a complete solution that lets you recover files from your SD card quickly and easily. It’s also immensely useful in recovering lost data in other media like external drives and iPods so getting this software gives you good value as well as peace of mind.


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