Unformat Hard Drive

Hard drives may seem to be hardy pieces of equipment but they’re a lot more fragile than we think. For example, all it takes is a simple typo or an inadvertent click and you may end up formatting your hard drive accidentally! This usually happens when a user is trying to partition a drive or trying to prep a new drive. Suddenly your entire hard drive is erased from existence. This can be a very troubling thing – especially for those who depend on computers for their livelihood. You’d also have to consider that the amount of data most modern hard drives can store. Hundreds of gigabytes worth of information may end up lost.


Thankfully, after the initial format, when all the dust is settling down on your nuking of your hard drive, it is still quite possible to retrieve the data that was stored there. This is because they aren’t immediately deleted completely. They’re somewhere still on your system – they’ve just been made unreachable via normal means. However, you need to hurry; data degrades very quickly and additional usage would ultimately erase all traces of the information you need. It is doable to unformat hard drive disks, though it is a rather tricky thing.


Unformat Hard Drive With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

Stellar Windows Data Recovery


The truth is, you actually have several options for your hard drive unformat. But there are a few things that you have to remember before you unformat harddrive storage. Don’t try to format your drive again or repartition – this will clear out all the data that you were hoping to retrieve. Other things you should avoid doing is to write or install anything on to your formatted drive. This will also have the same result as reformatting or repartitioning.


Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of it. To understand what you must do to unformat disk drives, you’ll have to understand how formatting works. A format doesn’t delete anything – all it does is reset your hard drives file system to either FAT32 or NTFS. Most older systems use FAT32 but the newer systems use NTFS. Converting to NTFS is pretty much like formatting a hard drive. This is why sometimes people need to unformat NTFS partitions – to get all the old data they had back.


The best way to do the unformat is to hook up the formatted hard drive to another PC and use that system’s hard drive to recover the data from the formatted hard drive. There are several programs that would help greatly in recovering the data that you need. One of the better ones is Stellar Windows Data Recovery. A really user-friendly piece of software, it can greatly help in retrieving the files that have been lost. Other pieces of data recovery software can’t handle the large variety of files that the program can retrieve. It can even handle email retrieval. Using Stellar Windows Data Recovery would greatly assure the safe return of your data, as quickly and painlessly as possible.