How To Recover Files From A Formatted Hard Drive

Operating systems have come a long way in the past 10 years or so.  Not that long ago, it wasn’t uncommon for simple application installations to corrupt the operating system to the point the drive or partition would have to be re-formatted, and the operating system would have to be reinstalled. Thankfully today, hard drive formatting is usually to setup partitions, or re-allocate existing resources. That being said, what happens if you come to realize that you needed some information from that freshly formatted drive?  Your options are limited, but you still have options. So long as you haven’t started dumping a bunch of new data on to the re-formatted drive, you can use Stellar Windows Data Recovery to recover data from a re-formatted hard drive.


Can I Recover Files Manually?


The quick answer to this question is no.  That being said, it is important to understand that the data you are looking for is still on the hard drive, and it is 100% feasible that with the help of third party software you’ll be able to restore the re-formatted hard drive.


How Can I Restore Files That Are Gone?


Simply put, the files aren’t really gone.  They are still in the same location they were prior to the reformatting of the drive.  The only thing that is gone is the record of their association with the physical address they occupy, and an indicator telling the disk and the operating system that the area is not available to be written to.  With that understanding in hand, all you need is a solid data recovery software suite.


Recover Files From A Formatted Hard Drive With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

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Using Data Recovery Software


Stellar Windows Data Recovery is a powerful data recovery software suite that can find lost emails, email attachments, file, and even files on external devices such as your iPod. As you might have guessed Stellar Windows Data Recovery can also recover a reformatted hard drive.


Don’t Wait


Whenever you do something on your computer, you are writing something to the hard drive.  Because the lost file you are trying to recover could be overwritten at any time; you need to stop using the computer immediately! Additionally, you do not want to turn your computer off before trying to recover the file. The very next thing you want to do is download Stellar Windows Data Recovery. Once installed, the software can find any file or file system on the hard drive so long as its location hasn’t already been re-allocated to other data.


When To Use Stellar Windows Data Recovery


  • To find important employee data after a malicious deliberate reformatting
  • To figure out what was on a drive before it gets put back into supply after being reformatted
  • To recover selected files after reformatting a drive to eradicate a virus
  • To attempt to comply with subpoenas that request information on reformatted drives
  • To find photos and videos that may have been lost when storage media was reformatted
  • To find songs that may have been on a reformatted mp3 player


If you have need to restore a reformatted hard drive, Stellar Windows Data Recovery is a just what you’re looking for.  The software is the perfect application to resurrect data on reformatted drives and storage media.


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