How To Recover A Deleted Partition

As computer users continue to adapt the personal computer to different areas of life; the level of sophistication employed by end users increases.  Today it is not uncommon to have average users routinely manipulating partitions on their hard drive to re-distribute space, increase computing speed, and protect various programs or data.  The downside of increased comfort with performing changes to the basic structure of the storage architecture is the risk of user errors. It’s bad enough to mistakenly delete a file, but it’s becoming increasingly common to hear of users deleting entire partitions in error.  When this happens, it’s best to obtain a powerful data recovery suite like Stellar Windows Data Recovery to recover the lost partition.


Recovering Files Manually


Even though it’s unlikely you’ll find what you’re looking for; the first place you look should for your file is the recycle bin. Some disk maintenance applications will actually dump the contents of the partition into the recycle bin, so a quick look can sometimes locate the missing file.


When you’re not lucky enough to find the files in the recycle bin, it’s even less likely that you’ll be able to find them via Windows Search. Nonetheless, you should at least attempt to search for the files before spending money on third party software.  After you’ve satiated that requirement, move on to purchasing quality data recovery software.


Recover A Deleted Partition With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

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Using Data Recovery Software


When a general search doesn’t aid in your lost file recovery efforts, use software such as Stellar Windows Data Recovery. The program will restore files from your deleted partition so long as new data hasn’t take its place. Stellar Windows Data Recovery can also restore lost emails, attachments, videos, photos, and files from external devices like iPods and network attached storage devices.


Stellar Windows Data Recovery works because when you “delete” a file; the information isn’t physically removed from the hard drive. Instead, the operating system marks the space where that file is located available for use. Until new data can is actually written to that location, the old file is still salvageable.  If you use the software before the old partition is re-used, you can recover the data from the partition.


Move Fast!


Most everything you do on a computer writes data to the hard drive.  Because the deleted partition risk of being erased with every activity, you should stop using the computer immediately! Leave the computer on, and make sure you don’t download additional files. This includes new virus definitions and automatic updates! Immediately download Stellar Windows Data Recovery. Once installed, it will help you recover the lost partition with a simple yet effective user interface.


When To Use Stellar Windows Data Recovery


  • To recover deliberately deleted partitions
  • To recover accidentally deleted partitions in their entirety
  • To restore selected files that were lost when a partition was deleted to free up space
  • To restore deleted partitions for homogenization into larger file structures
  • To recover original operating system and driver copies often found on fixed partitions
  • To revert to an earlier partition arrangement for regression testing and trouble shooting


Stellar Windows Data Recovery is a powerful yet easy to use data recovery software suite. If you have need to quickly restore a deleted partition, use Stellar Windows Data Recovery as soon as possible to prevent additional lost data.


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