How To Recover A Deleted Hard Drive

There are multiple reasons entire hard drives are deleted.  Sometimes an operating system is so corrupted that the drive is replaced for fear that there may be bad sectors on the drive. Other times the drive may be deleted from a system accidentally as the case of an attached storage device that an end user had permissions to remove. Then there are situations where drives are deleted to veil activities of previous users.  In any event, just because the drive has been deleted, doesn’t mean that the data it contained is gone for good. Quick use of a good data recovery suite like Stellar Windows Data Recovery can often restore a deleted hard drive.


Can I Recover Files Manually?

If you can’t see the drive from the Windows explorer, the answer to this question is generally no.  However, that doesn’t mean the data you are looking for is gone forever. It is very possible that with the help of third party software you can recover the deleted hard drive.


How Can I Restore Files That Are Gone?

If no new data has been added to the drive, the files aren’t really gone.  They are still in the same location they were before the drive was deleted.  All that is missing is the record of the physical address they occupied, and a flag that indicates the disk space is not available for new data.


Recover Deleted Hard Drive With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

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Using Data Recovery Software

Stellar Windows Data Recovery can find lost files, email attachments, messages, and even files on external devices. Stellar Windows Data Recovery can also help you recover files from a deleted hard drive, or recreate the drive in its entirety.


Move Fast!

Almost every activity you conduct on your computer writes information to the hard drive. If the deleted drive you are trying to recover is still active on a network or shared with other devices, the lost file you are trying to recover could be wiped out at any moment; you need to stop using the computer immediately and ensure other users can’t access the deleted drive! Leave your computer on and download Stellar Windows Data Recovery. Once you have installed it, the intuitive user interface will help you quickly restore the deleted drive or any files on it that haven’t been overwritten.


When To Use Stellar Windows Data Recovery

  • If another network user has inadvertently deleted a shared drive
  • To restore a drive that was deleted due to employee misconduct
  • To recover selected files after a drive was deleted so it’s contents weren’t shared on the network
  • To attempt to comply with subpoenas that list information on the deleted drive/drives
  • To review the contents of a deleted drive before selling it
  • You can no longer browse the deleted drive through Windows Explorer


For small offices and other small business that manage their own IT infrastructure but don’t have a dedicated IT staff, Stellar Windows Data Recovery is a must have to maintain data integrity.  Whether you’re looking to restore a deleted hard drive, or just find a few missing files, Stellar Windows Data Recovery is the perfect application.


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