How To Restore SQL Databases

In the age of information, the ability to organize, interpret, and act upon information separates successful enterprises from their peers. With paramount importance placed upon gaining productivity from information, the database becomes a focal point of businesses of any size.  The Microsoft SQL database has become the standard of enterprise capable database solutions that are flexible and cost effective for small to medium businesses.


At the corporate level, Database Administrators, or DBAs become the keepers of the database and the information contained within.  However, small businesses often lack the resources to justify staffing a dedicated DBA. So what happens when there is an error with the SQL database in a smaller business setting? Users can try to recover SQL files through the tools available in the operating system; and if that fails, turn to third party software to restore SQL database files.


How To Manually Recover SQL Files


Since SQL runs in a Microsoft operating system environment, start by looking in the recycle bin for lost SQL files. While working in the database control panel it is possible to accidentally delete records, tables and triggers, so it’s conceivable that the recycle bin could hold your lost SQL files.


If you can’t find the SQL file in the recycle bin, the next way to restore SQL files is to search the server and all of its drives.  When using Windows’ search, a few tips can help garner the best results:


  • Be general with your search terms
  • Don’t specify a file extension
  • Search every drive on the server


You want your search criteria to be as general as possible. This will give you the best odds of finding your lost SQL file. If you can’t find the file through Windows search, don’t’ give up hope; there is SQL recovery software available to help.


Recover SQL Databases With SQL Recovery Software

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Find a Lost or Deleted SQL File


In order to recover a SQL file that is missing, lost, or permanently deleted, I recommend downloading and scanning your computer with Stellar Windows Data Recovery. This data recovery software will scour your hard drive for the missing file and can recover it even when Windows explorer can not. Often times even though the file cannot be seen, it still exists on the lower level of your hard drive. With the help of data recovery software like Stellar Windows Data Recovery, you can access this data.


Restore or Repair a Corrupted SQL Database


Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery Software is a specialized software suite that focuses on restoring corrupted SQL files. The program features powerful search algorithms to allow for as much data recovery as possible. Because the software works in a read-only manner, you can be sure that none of your data can be further corrupted. This allows for higher success rates of restoration for even severely damaged SQL files.


Move Fast!


The server you run SQL on uses the hard drive for nearly everything it does.  Additionally if your database is still running, you are still writing to the hard drive.  Your SQL file is at risk of being erased with every activity. Because of this, you should stop using the computer immediately! Leave your computer running and Stellar Windows Data Recovery if the SQL database is missing. The program features strong search algorithms harnessed by an easy to use interface that simplifies finding and recovering lost SQL files. Otherwise use Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery Software to repair the corrupted SQL file.


When To Use Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery Software


  • To recover the backup files of Microsoft SQL Server
  • You’ve received a “Server can’t find the requested database table” error
  • Entries to your SQL table were corrupted by a virus
  • You’re experiencing a “The process could not execute ‘sp_replcmds’ on server” error
  • Microsoft SQL crashed, and has corrupted the .mdf filet
  • SQL was closed without saving data


A Microsoft SQL database is a great tool for small and enterprise businesses alike.  At the small business side of the spectrum, the lack of dedicated support staff can leave users in a lurch.  Using Stellar Phoenix SQL Recovery Software can restore SQL database files allowing users to get back to the business of doing business.