How To Recover Recycle Bin

It’s a handy little tool that’s been conveniently located on the desktop since the rollout of Windows 95.  Long time Windows and Mac users alike kindly refer to it as the recycle bin or trash can. This way station for files we are pretty sure we’ll never need again sometimes becomes home to unintended guests. Ordinarily, this is no big deal as files can be restored from the recycle bin. It’s only when a file is permanently removed from the recycle bin that users have cause to worry.  But so long as prompt action is taken, and software like Stellar Windows Data Recovery is used the odds of a successful recycle bin recovery are pretty good.


The First Step


The first place you look should look is in the recycle bin itself. Perhaps the file is still there; in which case recovery is a simple matter of selecting the restore file option.  A quick look in the recycle should always be your first stop. If you don’t see the file in the recycle bin, you may have luck finding the file through a general Windows search.  When using Windows’ search, there are a few tricks to increase your odds:


  • Be general about the file location
  • Be general with the file name
  • Don’t specify a file extension


The overriding theme is to be as general as possible about the file search criteria. It’s easier to pare down your search results, than to fail to generate results because of stringent search criteria.


Recover Recycle Bin With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

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When All Else Fails…


When a general search doesn’t aid in your lost file recovery efforts, immediately look to a file recovery program like Stellar Windows Data Recovery. Stellar Windows Data Recovery is a software suite that can find and restore lost emails, files, email attachments, and even files on external drives.


Stellar Windows Data Recovery works because when you “delete” a file; the information isn’t immediately deleted from the hard drive. What really happens is that the operating system marks the space where that file was located as now being available. Until new information is saved to that location, the old file is still where it was.  If you use Stellar Windows Data Recovery before the operating system utilizes that section of the drive, the space will be marked as unavailable, and the file can be recovered.


Don’t Wait!


The hard drive is accessed for nearly everything that happens on your computer.  The longer you use the computer before trying to recover the file, the greater the likelihood the file has already been overwritten. In other words, STOP USING YOUR COMPUTER. Do not cycle the power to your computer before trying to recover the recycle bin. Your next move should be to download recycle bin recovery software like Stellar Windows Data Recovery. After you’ve installed the software a simple user interface and powerful search algorithms allow for high recovery success rates.


When To Use Stellar Windows Data Recovery


  • When you accidentally “empty” your recycle bin
  • When you can’t find your file in the recycle bin
  • To recover your recycle bin
  • To access files than may have been lost through the recycle bin
  • When you accidentally sent an important email or attachment to the “trash”
  • To recover deleted Outlook contacts


We keep all kinds of important information on our computers. All it takes is one mistake to lose that information forever; unless of course you follow the steps above and use Stellar Windows Data Recovery.


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