iPhone Data Recovery

The iPhone and Apple’s other iOS devices have revolutionized the way we communicate, enjoy media, and pursue entertainment and productive endeavors on the go. But as we centralize more of our computing and data consumption onto these devices, the likelihood of losing or corrupting data grows. As good as the iOS and iTunes applications are, there is a definite need for iphone data recovery software.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen multiple offerings, but one of our perennial favorite iphone recovery suites is iMyFone D-Back. The current version of iMyFone D-Back allows users the ability to recover up to 12 file types from their iOS device including:

  • Photos from the camera roll
  • Videos from the camera roll
  • Personal contacts
  • Text messages
  • Attachments in messages
  • History of calls


  • Items from calendar
  • Notepad entries
  • Reminders
  • Bookmarks from Safari
  • Memos
  • and more….


iMyFone D-Back facilitates data recovery iPhone from both the device and iTunes backup files. This means that iPhone 4 data recovery can resurrect files from the phone and the computer it was backed up to. This greatly enhances the functionality of the software. We decided to test two features of iMyFone D-Back from the newest release to see how well the software works for iPhone 5 data recovery.

Deleted Contacts and Messages – Recovered from device

Busy professionals are often adding and editing contacts and messages. As result, sometimes this data is accidentally deleted. Unfortunately, we don’t always notice right when it happens. To test iMyFone D-Back’s ability to restore contacts and messages, we deleted a few contacts, and selected portions of text messages from conversations. We then power cycled the phone, just to be sure we couldn’t use a basic “undo” to restore the data. Next we connected our iPhone 5 to our PC running the current version of iMyFone D-Back. With the phone connected, the missing contacts and specific messages were quickly located and restored to the phone.


Preview Prior to Recovery

One of our favorite features of iMyFone D-Back is the ability to preview contacts, messages, pictures, etc. prior to recovering them. Sometimes you want to restore only selected portions of a certain type of data. This feature works wonderfully for this task. In our message recovery test, the reason we selected certain portions of a text message conversation was so that we could utilize the preview feature of iMyFone D-Back. Once the phone was connected, all of the messages were viewable. We were able to go through the preview and select the exact portions of the conversation we had deleted without having to restore extra data, and authorize overwrites to ensure we got the messages we were looking for. This feature puts iMyFone D-Back head and shoulders above the competition.



In our opinion, iMyFone D-Back is the best iPhone data recovery software suite on the market. The software is extremely easy to install and use, and works well. If you’re looking for a way to pick through selected items, or need to recover iPhone data after your device has crashed, iMyFone D-Back is a top pick. But don’t take our word for it, download the free trial today, and see for yourself!


  • Compatible with all latest Mac OS versions
  • Can recover all file types
  • Recovers selected files or the entire hard drive
  • Can recover images, video, pictures, and music from your drive or peripheral device
  • Compatible with HFS Wrapper, FAT, HSFX, HSF+, and HFS file systems

When To Use

  • To recover data lost to a corrupted partition
  • To find accidentally deleted files
  • To locate and restore data lost to an accidental reformat
  • To recover entire drive volumes