How To Recover Crashed Drive

When we take a look at hard drive sizes, we usually see drives that reach 300 to 500 gigabytes. That’s a lot of space – and we usually take advantage of that fact. Our hard drives are usually filled with photos, videos, music and a dozen other file types that hog up all that space.


So what happens when it all comes crashing down? Hard drives are machines like any other and they are susceptible to failure. When a hard drive crashes, it can take along a lot of other things with it. Files on a hard drive can range from vitally important to sentimental in value; if you haven’t backed them up yet, you’ll have to face the fact that you need to recover your crashed hard drive.


Trouble Strikes


How do you know when your hard drive is about to break down? There’s no exact science for predicting when it’ll happen. The best hints are when your PC slows down when you’re accessing data or strange noises start to come from the drive whenever it’s in operation. When this starts to happen, it is best to start backing stuff up. However, hard drive failure can still hit without warning. This means you need start trying to fix it. This is because data lost during a hard drive failure are still there – but you need to act quickly before it degrades. Crashed hard drive recovery can range from simple to difficult. Here are some options.


Recover Crashed Drive With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

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Hard Drive Recovery: First Aid


So how do you begin to recover a damaged hard drive? The best route is to scan it with Data Recovery Software like Stellar Windows Data Recovery.  But you can also try these two fixes as well –


Detach your hard drive from your PC and use an external hard drive case. This will enable you to hook up your hard drive via USB and retrieve the data from another computer. If that doesn’t work, you can also clone your hard drive using imaging software. This doesn’t always work properly, but when you’re desperate, every little bit helps.


A lot of data-recovery specialists also swear on freezing your broken hard drive so that it can work again. You’re supposed to seal it in a watertight baggy and put it in your fridge’s freezer for 12 to 24 hours. After getting it out, hook it up and get the data out quickly before it heats up again and crashes.



Best Resort To Recover Damaged Files


Stellar Windows Data Recovery wes created with the single purpose of saving your data from being wiped out forever. Recovering a crashed hard drive is quick and simple for Stellar Windows Data Recovery. Simply download the software, scan your hard drive, and restore the data. It is that easy.


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Recover Accidentally Deleted Recycle Bin

There comes a time when you feel the need to clean out the files in the trash. So you start from cleaning up your computer. You remove unused icons from your desktop, go through your folders, and transfer some files to the Recycle Bin. And the worst of things happens: you forgot you had some files transferred to Recycle Bin and accidentally emptied it out!


After realizing that you might have had some important files in there, you rant to your friends and the only excuse you can tell them is, “I deleted my recycle bin by accident.” If there’s an urgent reason for you to recover an accidentally deleted Recycle Bin, you can use Stellar Windows Data Recovery. Here are also a  few alternatives you can do by yourself for Recycle Bin recovery.


Peek at Your Hidden Folders


The Recycle Bin usually stores files you’ve dumped in there so you can rummage through it later if you need the files. But because there’s an “Empty Recycle Bin” option that can always be selected, anyone can experience having a deleted Recycle Bin much to his or her regret.


One option you can go for is to look through your other folders if there is a copy of the file you wanted. Your computer is full of hidden folders, so go to the Folder Options you can find in the Control Panel, and select “View hidden folders” so you can look through them.


Recover Accidentally Deleted Recycle Bin With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

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Start Searching with Recovery Software


If you’ve looked through all your folders but still can’t find your files, cheer up because you can still recover your Recycle Bin files. Even though it seems that you’ve permanently deleted files from the Recycle Bin, your files are still stored somewhere you can’t access. But with Stellar Windows Data Recovery, you can get hold of these files and restore them.


Files you’ve deleted from the Recycle Bin can’t always be restored with the operating system you have. What Stellar Windows Data Recovery does is provide you with an operating system of sorts to find the files you’re looking for. All you need to do is download the software, run a search, and restore them to your computer. Even if you’ve forgotten the file name, you can just run a general search for any missing files, it’s that easy.


It’s important to get right on with restoring your files because the sooner you do it, the better the chances that the computer doesn’t delete or overwrite it permanently because it might consider it an old file.


Why Having Recovery Software is a Must


Yes, Stellar Windows Data Recovery is the best tool to restore Recycle Bin problems, but there are other situations that can lead to your files being lost. Situations like a systems crash, a virus infection are very common causes of data loss, and you’ll never know if that can happen to you one day. With recovery software, not only will you recover accidentally deleted Recycle Bin data, you also protect yourself from any other scenarios where you can lose valuable data.


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Office Password Recovery

officeLayered security is a wonderful thing.  Password protection at the network, system, application, and file level greatly increases the effectiveness of the simple password architecture found in the Microsoft Office suite of products.  Unfortunately, losing one of those passwords can restrict access to important files or applications causing a potential loss of data, inconvenience, and lost productivity.  In order to gain access to files and applications for which you have lost or forgotten your password, check out Office Password Recovery.

Stellar Windows Data Recovery

Stellar Windows Data Recovery is a simple yet effective file recovery software that allows users to recover accidentally deleted emails, attachments, and files; as well as recover data lost to bad sectors on a hard drive or other unforeseen events. Stellar Windows Data Recovery has won multiple awards including Viatech’s innovative excellence and Technology Company of the Year awards. The program is considered one of the best data recovery software on the market.

Outlook Repair

New ImageMicrosoft Outlook contacts, email messages, notes, folders and more are stored and indexed by the .pst file.  If this file becomes corrupted, Outlook typically can’t run the profile associated with that .pst file.  If you’re a business person, and that profile happens to be yours, you might as well not bother showing up to work. As we integrate more of our daily personal and business activities with Microsoft Outlook, we leave ourselves vulnerable to a corrupted .pst file.  For times when renaming the .pst file and copying it over just don’t fix the problem, look to Stellar Outlook Repair as a viable solution.

SQL Recovery Software

SQL-Database-RecoveryThe heart of nearly any small, medium, or enterprise business is the information stored in its database. With so much riding on the information and associations made in a SQL database, the thought of corrupt or lost information, procedures, or associates is devastating. For small businesses without dedicated DBA support, Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Recovery Software may be all that stands between salvation and ruin.

iPod Recovery

iPod RecoveryNo one will argue that Apple revolutionized the portable entertainment market with the introduction and continual evolution of the iPod. As the device has gained acceptance and dominance, users have transitioned from using it as a dedicated MP3 player, to storing personal information, contacts, videos, pictures, and of course, music.  With users adopting the increasingly robust capabilities of the iPod, more data is trusted to these devices.  Unfortunately, even iPods can be corrupted resulting in the loss of important data.  When this happens, look to Stellar Phoenix iPod Data Recovery to put you back in touch with your missing data.

Excel Recovery Software

New Image Excel spreadsheets are used for everything from tracking corporate expenses and productivity to managing personal items such as household inventories for insurance claims, or things as simple as the weekly grocery list.  With such common use, and interdependence in our daily lives, losing an Excel spreadsheet can be a disastrous experience.  Thankfully Stellar Excel Recovery offers a means to recover lost Excel or corrupted Excel spreadsheets and the priceless data they contain.

Mac Data Recovery

mac data recovery

Data loss happens frequently. It may be due to hardware failures, accidentally formatting the wrong volume of a drive, software corruption, viruses, and simply deleting files by mistake.

If you are using a Mac laptop or computer (iMac, MacBook Pro, Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro), you don’t have to throw up your hands and just submit to the loss of important data and files.

Stellar Mac Recovery is a utility that allows its users to recover Mac files such as documents, images, music or videos that may have been lost by any of the means mentioned above.

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    • Software now supports data recovery on APFS Encrypted Drive.
    • The support for APFS File Vault (Encrypted) Recovery is added.
    • The support for scanning, preview, and recovery for Large Sectors 4K/2K Drive of APFS, HFS+, FAT32, NTFS, and EXFAT is provided.
    • The software now supports Large Sector 4K/2K Drive for Can’t find Volume and Create Image feature.
    • Recovery of  APFS Fusion Drive  (Inbuilt in iMac, Non-encrypted).
    • APFS Time Machine Support is added for Big Sur 11.0.
    • For Mac OS Big Sur 11.0 – Create Recovery Drive Support is added.


We had the opportunity to test drive Stellar’s software suite – Mac Data Recovery. We’ve tested various Mac recovery software in the past claiming to achieve recovery under the circumstances listed by Stellar, and our experiences have been less than consistent.

With that in mind, we carried out a couple of tests to evaluate how well Mac Data Recovery performs against accidental deletion, hardware failure, and corruption related issues. We were very pleased with the results.


Recover Deleted Files

Even with files already emptied from trash, we have seen how Mac Data Recovery makes it easy to undo file delete operations. You would think that once deleted, your files are permanently gone. Not with this program. It makes use of advanced techniques to scan your entire hard drive for recoverable files and lets you recover them with ease. Once retrieved, you can be certain that they are restored to their original file names.

Stellar Mac Data Recovery recovers any photo, video or audio file formats and can retrieve any documents such as Word, Excel, PPT, etc.


Reformatted Drive

Next we tested how well the software copes with recovering Mac data from an accidentally reformatted drive. We selected the scan volume option and immediately folders were recovered. Macintosh Data Recovery then runs a more detailed search that outputs the found data to the OS X data structure. 

After going to digging through the folder hierarchy, I was able to find my test files. While this test took a little time, one must realize that the test is looking through the entire volume as opposed to searching for individual files.  Mac Data Recovery accomplished this task in what we would consider to be a standard amount of time.


Failed Partition

We setup a test to evaluate how well Stellar Mac Data Recovery was able to recover Mac files from a failed partition. To do this, we placed a couple of files on a drive and then botch the partition attempt. Under normal use, the files weren’t accessible or found.

We then launched Mac Data Recovery and were presented with the option of scanning for volumes, create image, and raw data recovery. We selected raw data recovery and the software immediately started populating a list of files in the botched partition. Amongst those data were the planted files we were looking for!


Recovery from Time Machine

This is a new added feature of the software. The Time Machine, through its regular backups, offers a great approach to ensuring data on a Mac is preserved. However, in some cases, a backup will be removed even if it is still needed or one could become damaged unexpectedly. If your Time Machine backup drive has suffered file structure corruption resulting in inaccessibility of data, this recovery software will come in handy to restore all your files in a few clicks.


Deleted Volume Recovery

A local hard drive can have one or multiple volumes configured for file storage. Each might have a different file storage system such as NTFS and ExFAT or they could all use the same type such as HFS+. Unexpected loss can occur in situations where an accidental reformat takes place or data corruption makes the partition inaccessible.

We tested how well the software copes with recovering Mac files from an accidentally reformatted or deleted drive. We selected the scan volume option and immediately folders were recovered. We’ve seen how Stellar Mac Data Recovery can search and rebuild corrupted volumes or volumes deleted from these formatted drives:
• HFS+

CD/DVD, Mac Photo Recovery 

Lost, deleted or formatted photos, scratches on your CD and DVD rendering them unreadable – these can easily be remedied with Stellar Mac Data Recovery.

It can securely recover inaccessible files and in any format (jpeg, gif, png, etc) from a variety of hard drives, discs or external storage device.

  •  Recovers files from Mac HDD and external hard drives
  •  Retrieves data from pen drives, camera and hybrid drive
  •  Recovers data from Mac SSD, SD Cards, USB Drives etc.



Stellar Mac Data Recovery program has received awards and accolades from Macworld, Bright Hub, MyMac Magazine, and Silicon Mountain Users Group. It is known through tech circles as one of the best Macintosh data recovery software out there.  If you’re looking for a productive data recovery suite for Macs, check out Stellar Mac Data Recovery.

How To Recover iPod Music

Over the past 7+ years, the world has increasingly gravitated towards Apple’s iPod. Initially an .mp3 player, the iPod has grown to include touch screen capabilities in certain models, the ability to manage calendars, contacts, video, pictures, applications, and yes music.  Current models can store up to 160gigabytes of data.  That is a lot of music to have in your hands, and inevitably, some of it could conceivably get lost.  So what does one do if they find themselves in a situation where the music they used to enjoy is missing from their favorite personal electronics device?  Thankfully there are a couple solutions ranging from using iTunes, to purchasing third party software to recover iPod music and files.