Windows Data Recovery

The most depressing incident that you can experience with today’s technology is when you are working on something important and your computer hard drive crashes unexpectedly, leaving you with nothing but the option of formatting it and re-installing the operating system all over again. This can make your system functional again however, there is the possibility of losing all your precious data stored in the hard drive.


There are a lot of possible causes for data loss in Windows 7, Vista or XP operating systems, but the most common reason for losing data could be attributed to poor backup practices. It can also be lost when your network server stops working properly or when your computer’s operating system crashes after encountering an error. Important data can also be lost after exiting an application or program without saving your work. Making backups every now and then can really take too much of your computer’s memory. Like it or not, this is the only way you’re sure you can recover your data if in any case an unexpected error occurs.


If unfortunately you haven’t prepared a backup of your hard disk before an error occurs, you can always use windows data recovery to get hold of important data you thought you have lost forever. Using data recovery windows can help you recover any information lost due to drive crash, re-partitioning, formatting, partition deletion, or even to recover any accidentally deleted data.


Recover Windows Data With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

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It is very important that you choose the right Windows 7 data recovery for your lost data. You can tell if it’s a good data recovering tool if it can recover any lost data from your hard disk, since most information is still present in your hard drive. Any deleted data, purposely or accidentally, will remain in your hard drive until you save new files that will over write it. So if you encounter unexpected error or data loss, make sure that you have a Windows Vista data recovery or Windows XP data recovery tool with you in hand. This will make it easier for you to recover lost data even after formatting your computer and re-installing your operating system.


Unfortunately, there is still not a single date recovery system that can recover every single byte lost after re-formatting. With Stellar Windows Data Recovery system however, you are assured of a speed and accurate data recovery process for you to get hold of any information accidentally deleted.


Data can be lost in a blink of an eye but the good news is, there’s still a chance that you can recover any data deleted. As long as you know how to backup your hard disk and have a reliable data recovery software such as Stellar Windows Data Recovery in your computer’s tool box, all is well.


Unformat Hard Drive

Hard drives may seem to be hardy pieces of equipment but they’re a lot more fragile than we think. For example, all it takes is a simple typo or an inadvertent click and you may end up formatting your hard drive accidentally! This usually happens when a user is trying to partition a drive or trying to prep a new drive. Suddenly your entire hard drive is erased from existence. This can be a very troubling thing – especially for those who depend on computers for their livelihood. You’d also have to consider that the amount of data most modern hard drives can store. Hundreds of gigabytes worth of information may end up lost.


Thankfully, after the initial format, when all the dust is settling down on your nuking of your hard drive, it is still quite possible to retrieve the data that was stored there. This is because they aren’t immediately deleted completely. They’re somewhere still on your system – they’ve just been made unreachable via normal means. However, you need to hurry; data degrades very quickly and additional usage would ultimately erase all traces of the information you need. It is doable to unformat hard drive disks, though it is a rather tricky thing.


Unformat Hard Drive With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

Stellar Windows Data Recovery


The truth is, you actually have several options for your hard drive unformat. But there are a few things that you have to remember before you unformat harddrive storage. Don’t try to format your drive again or repartition – this will clear out all the data that you were hoping to retrieve. Other things you should avoid doing is to write or install anything on to your formatted drive. This will also have the same result as reformatting or repartitioning.


Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of it. To understand what you must do to unformat disk drives, you’ll have to understand how formatting works. A format doesn’t delete anything – all it does is reset your hard drives file system to either FAT32 or NTFS. Most older systems use FAT32 but the newer systems use NTFS. Converting to NTFS is pretty much like formatting a hard drive. This is why sometimes people need to unformat NTFS partitions – to get all the old data they had back.


The best way to do the unformat is to hook up the formatted hard drive to another PC and use that system’s hard drive to recover the data from the formatted hard drive. There are several programs that would help greatly in recovering the data that you need. One of the better ones is Stellar Windows Data Recovery. A really user-friendly piece of software, it can greatly help in retrieving the files that have been lost. Other pieces of data recovery software can’t handle the large variety of files that the program can retrieve. It can even handle email retrieval. Using Stellar Windows Data Recovery would greatly assure the safe return of your data, as quickly and painlessly as possible.


Recover HP Partition

Hard disk drive failure is a major bummer. To save customers from the usual grief, the HP recovery partition allows factory settings to be re-installed in the unfortunate event of a system crash. Additionally, users can also save their important data on HP recovery disks in case their system is corrupted. Both methods are among the best-known safeguards against catastrophic data loss.


Here are a few important reminders: When you’ve newly installed an OS, make sure to either save the factory settings on the partition or use recovery disks, which are sometimes not included in the packaging of an HP PC so this means purchasing CD-Rs or DVD-Rs. In either case, save your settings on a regular basis so when your system malfunctions you can return to the latest version of your files before the problem began.


Having covered that part, taking advantage of the Vista HP recovery when your system is encountering problems from malware or viruses is a non-stressful process. If the system hasn’t crashed yet, simply click Start and search for “Recovery Manager” on the All Programs menu. Once the Recovery Manager window opens, click “Advanced Options,” then “System Recovery,” and then “Next.”


Recover HP Partition With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

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At this point the PC restarts, now select “System Recovery” and the “Back up your files first” option. Don’t bother with the Microsoft system restore program. The last stage is the “recover without backing up your files” option, click “next” and there, the long process (up to several hours) of PC recovery begins.


Of course, hard disk drive failure is often more problematic and sometimes the OS is no longer accessible. In such an event, the following steps will return the afflicted PC back to normal. Simply restart the PC and repeatedly press F11, which is an automatic prompt for system recovery.


But take note the example above applies to Windows Vista. The method for utilizing the recovery partition slightly varies between OS to OS. There is however, a final solution in the worst case scenario where the PC has crashed and won’t start up properly anymore. This involves the disks mentioned earlier.


Since a single HP recovery disk is not sufficient to back up your files, up to three DVD-Rs may be necessary for a complete system restore. Also keep in mind that each disk has to be prepared beforehand and kept in case of emergency. When you do need them, utilizing an hp recovery disk is easy.


So easy, that all the user needs to do is insert the disk/DVD and select the boot from CD option. This automatically opens the recovery manager window and from here follow the instructions to get the PC back to normal.


It might also be wise to supplement the convenience of having pre-saved disks by having an additional recovery program. A good example would be Stellar Windows Data Recovery which greatly aids the process of safeguarding your PC’s data.


How To Perform System Restore

Software issues are among the most common problems that computer users face from day-to-day. Sometimes, it can be as minor as an improperly installed program or game or the installation of a faulty driver. Other times, the problem can be quite overwhelming such as corrupted system files or registry entries that severely impede the function of your operating system. Reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling your OS is an undesirable option, given how long and tedious the process is, and doing so could also result in the loss of your files.


Thankfully, you can use system restore on Windows to simply roll back your computer to a previously saved state. It will only take a slightly prolonged restart to do this, and the best part is, all of your files and folders will remain intact. The process is easy enough for anyone to follow. Here’s how to system restore if your OS or another program is giving you trouble.


First, you will need a system restore point that predates your current problem. This is the state that Windows will revert itself to. Your operating system automatically creates new restore points whenever it detects that you are about to make some kind of major change to it, such as upgrading hardware drivers or installing new software. This way, should anything go wrong, you will be able to completely undo its effects with a system restore.


Perform A System Restore With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

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Alternatively, you can manually create your own restore points at any time. All you have to do is access the System Restore program that is found in the System Tools folder, which comes with your operating system. Once opened, a dialog will ask you whether you want to perform a system restore or create a restore point. Should the need ever arise and you should select the option to initiate a system restore, you will be asked to select exactly which restore point you wish your system to revert to. These will be displayed in the form of a calendar, showing you the date and time when the system restore point was made. Having more restore points gives you more options, allowing you to select a restore point that you can be certain of predating your problem.


Though similar in basic function on most versions of Microsoft Windows, the System Restore XP uses is slightly different from the System Restore Vista implements. In general, System Restore in Vista was designed to work with larger hard drives, and won’t work with volumes smaller than 1GB. It also uses up to 15% of the hard drive’s capacity as opposed to 12% with Windows XP. Additionally, Windows XP requires that Windows boot up properly, whether normally or in Safe Mode, in order for you to run a system restore.


In Windows Vista and newer, system restore can be run even if your operating system is unbootable by entering the Windows Recovery Environment to access the System Restore function. Due to their similarities, the System Restore Windows 7 uses is almost identical to that found in Windows Vista.


However, there is a possibility that you might encounter the loss of some files and documents after running System Restore. No need to panic because with Stellar Windows Data Recovery, you can get those files back without any hassle. For this reason, it’s always a great idea to run it right after a System Restore just to make sure you haven’t lost anything important.


With these two powerful options in your hands, you no longer need to deal with defective software, stubborn drivers, glitchy system files, and lost data. A combination of System Restore and Stellar Windows Data Recovery allows your PC to go back in time and restore itself to a trouble-free state.


How To Recover HDD

A hard disk drive or an HDD is an essential component of your computer experience, whether it is a laptop or a desktop or a PC or Mac. Your HDD data may be anywhere from your comprehensive photos, vital office and school files or even your favorite video game. Whatever the format or nature of your data may be, it sure is important to you.


But there comes a time when accidents happen, wherein your entire data may be wiped out or lost inadvertently. HDD recovery data may be a troubling thought for many people but you do not have to worry: data retrieval softwares such as Stellar Windows Data Recovery are available to help you out.


If you don’t know how to recover HDD data, you are better served with using the user-friendly specifications of Data Recovery Pro. Whether it is a file that was accidentally deleted from the Recycle Bin or a virus which wiped out your database, Stellar Windows Data Recovery can get it back.


Recover HDD With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

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HDD recovery software is your best bet to retrieve lost files but that doesn’t mean you should not act in haste. When files are deleted from the Recycle Bin, for example, their space in the memory of the computer is just marked as ready to be filled with new data. If you quickly create new files, your files may be lost forever. So you have to act quickly in the event of data loss.


This also applies for external HDD recovery. You can’t waste any more precious time when you lose any of your data. But don’t think Data Recovery Pro’s capabilities are restricted to lost Recycle Bin files. In fact, this software covers lost email attachments, compressed and encrypted files, music tracks in your iPod, and even from freshly formatted drives.


Moreover, the software itself only has a small file size which makes it easy to carry in disk drives. It has an intuitive interface with search parameters available just in case you need to search for a file with a specific keyword.


Hard drive capacities are getting larger nowadays. From the typical laptop capacity ranging between 300 to 600 GB to huge storage capabilities extending to 1 TB. This massive storage space gives you more leeway for your file recovery but you can’t risk being lax about this problem, especially if the data is valuable.


Technology is improving by leaps and bounds. If in the past you would have succumbed to the fact that you have lost important files, then you can now rest assured that you can deal with this problem in a cost-efficient manner. Stellar Windows Data Recovery will save you a lot of hassle but you need to be quick on your toes.


Hard Disk Recovery

A lot of things can go wrong with your computer. That’s pretty much a fact of life when you’re dealing with PCs and other complicated systems. One of the really big problems that any user can face is their hard drive crashing. The loss of data alone can bring tears to the eyes of any computer owner. This is not even considering the time and effort that maybe lost in what you have invested in your system.


Your PC may have the fastest CPU and the fanciest video card, but all that goes down the drain when your hard drive decides to conk out. As the heart of your computer, your hard drive does pretty much all of the heavy lifting in your system. Of course, a lot of people think that it won’t happen to them – but it actually happens a lot more frequently than we think.


A host of reasons exist for your hard drive to just go bye-bye: it could be a pure hardware problem, a mechanical failure – which is very difficult to deal with, or it could be rooted in the software, a logical failure – your drive partitions may have been erased or your OS has gone a bit bonkers. The key in recovering your lost data is to know what to do in the eventuality that a hard drive crash happens to you.


Recover Hard Disk With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

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The very first thing you have to remember is your data is still there. It hasn’t been erased and it is still recoverable – so that means don’t panic and do things willy-nilly. Don’t write anything to your hard drive – you may end up deleting the data that you were trying to save. But, the fact that it’s still there doesn’t mean you can take it easy in your hard disk recovery efforts. The longer you wait, the bigger the chance that your data gets deleted.


For mechanical failures, there’s nothing much else to do but to go with a hardware solution. A quick fix would be to disconnect your hard drive from your PC and hook it up to another computer. If it still doesn’t start, some experts recommend popping your hard drive into a freezer for an hour to cool down its components and trying again. You should probably be able to get several hours of work out of it before it finally goes to the hard drive heaven – enough time to back all that data up. However, if you’ve got cash to burn, then it’s better to get a professional to look at it.


For logical failures – something wrong with your software – it is much easier and usually depends on your OS. Windows disk recovery is usually the simple business of just popping in your recovery disk and resetting some settings. Windows XP disk recovery, Windows Vista disk recovery, and Windows 7 disk recovery all follow this simple process. The key thing here is that you must have made a recovery disk – it’s a pretty simple process and all Microsoft OSes have a simple guide to make one.


However, this does not always work – plus there are other operating systems to deal with. This is where disk recovery software comes in. These third-party programs help greatly in getting you your data back.


A fine example of this type of software is Stellar Windows Data Recovery. Programmed to be easy-to-use, it also has a small memory footprint – making it unobtrusive and able to work in even the most damaged of systems. It’s also quite capable of recovering a wide variety of file types – even e-mail and email attachments. Stellar Windows Data Recovery even recovers files from freshly formatted or partitioned hard drives. With all of these advantage, I have to say that if you’ve got to go for a piece of disk recovery software – I’d recommend using Stellar Windows Data Recovery.



Recover My Files

For years, computers have served as more than a utility tool for work and entertainment; it has also become a data vault for memories, with its file database serving as a barometer of your progress. Remember that document you wrote while you were still in college? You can still reminisce about it after a few years. How about that photo album with your road trip with your friends? The list becomes endless.


But what happens when your files disappear like a feather in the wind? In this case, you have to act quickly since you need to recover file in your drives quickly. Some instances where this might become possible is through an accidental deletion of files or a virus attack. Whichever way, many people would panic and lose hope on how to recover their data. One may ask, “How will I recover my files?”


A potential solution would be to keep a backup of your files in a separate external hard drive. But this course of action is mostly preventive instead of reacting to an already lost set of files. Don’t fret however because with a reliable data recovery software like Stellar Windows Data Recovery you can have a sterling solution to your problem.


Recover Deleted Files With Stellar Windows Data Recovery

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A word of caution however, you have to act quickly once you lose your data because time is really not in your favor. A file which has just been deleted from the Recycle Bin has a ticking timer before its allotted space becomes replaced with a new file. Thus it is important to act in haste lest you lose the chance to retrieve your lost files.


Whatever your circumstances may be, Stellar Windows Data Recovery has a solution for you. Of course there is the customary file loss from the Recycle Bin but with this software you can also retrieve lost encrypted and compressed files. Even losses caused bad sectors in your drive can be remedied.


It also does not operate solely on your hard disk. It can even locate missing email attachments and deleted emails. You can even recover lost songs from your iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic.


You can also have an easier time locating files because you can use keywords to optimize your search. More importantly, it does not take up too much space in your hard drive. Here are the system requirements for Stellar Windows Data Recovery so you can see if it can be accommodated in your rig:


Windows Vista® Operating System 32-bit


  • Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate
  • Service Pack 2
  • 1 GB Memory (RAM)
  • 1 GHz Processor Speed


Considering the potential ramifications of lost files coupled with the fast and efficient response of Stellar Windows Data Recovery, you may consider this software a bargain solution to file retrieval. After all, some lost files just might be too priceless to lose. I use this for my file recovery, so try it out for yourself too.


Undelete a File – Recover Lost Data With The Best Undelete Software

So that’s it, you’ve hit the delete button – goodbye to that good old file. Later you go on rummaging your papers and computer for that same file you have deleted a few days or even weeks back. No need to worry because your search for that file of yours won’t be in vain. Nowadays, there are software capable of bringing your files back even after you have erased them from your recycle bin. They are called “undelete software”. Your desperate attempt to recover files you thought you no longer will need has come to an end, minus the price!

You might be wondering how this software can reincarnate that file you have removed “permanently” from your computer.  The truth of the matter is your system actually retains information, your files that is, that are supposedly erased. You won’t find it in Windows but it remains in your computer memory. So the software just restores the files from your system’s memory.

In order to undelete a file, remembering these two is a must:

First, act quickly. Why? Because even if your system can retain your lost files, they can always be overwritten by newly deleted ones. So you should salvage them before it’s too late.

Second, don’t download files form the Internet or install any other software on your computer. For the same reason that the files you want to recover may be lost or overwritten.

The good thing about this software is that you can specifically choose which files to undelete – from emails to audio files to just about any kind of file you have deleted from your computer. You can even undelete programs if that’s what you need. The best file recovery software in the internet can relieve you from the hard time and agony of learning how to undelete files.

Lost Recycle Bin – How to Restore Your Lost Recycle Bin

Did you empty your Recycle Bin and accidentally deleted important files with it? No need to panic because there’s a solution to your problem. That’s right, you can still get back those files. All you need to restore a lost Recycle Bin is proper data recovery software. But before you do this, you first need to understand how file deletion works.

Whenever you delete a file from your computer, what you actually delete is the directory entry of the file (which means that it’s not the original file). That directory file is then transferred to the trash folder. After this, the original name and complete path of the file is stored in a hidden index file in your drive so that when you choose to restore the file, the OS just relocates the file from its original location and your file is back in a second.

Now, let’s say you already emptied your Recycle Bin. The file is still in your disk, only this time, the OS flags its space in the location as rewritable and anytime it can be replaced by a new file. This is because once you deleted your Recycle Bin, the system loses its control over the file and there is a higher risk that it will be lost permanently.

As long as the deleted files are not yet overwritten by other data, a third-party software will still be able to retrieve those files. It is important that you act soon enough and not wait another day or week to get back the lost Recycle Bin. Aside from the recovery software, do not download or install any other program or software for it can take up too much space in your disk and overwrite the files you want to recover.

The moment you install the data recovery software and run it in your computer, it will find the deleted files and will allow you to review and choose which files you want to restore from the lost Recycle Bin. This tool can also recover data from a formatted disk drive, email, and even from your iPod and other similar gadgets. To restore your Recycle Bin, all you have to do is scan your computer for free.

If you actually lost your Recycle Bin and need help in restoring it back, you came to the right site. The best file recovery software on the net can help you retrieve your lost files. Plus it’s completely risk free!

Restore Deleted Files From the Recycle Bin Before It’s Too Late

Have you accidentally emptied your and would like to restore the Recycle Bin after cleaning up your hard disk to free up disk space? Don’t worry, even if you have lost some of your important files in this process there is a solution. You can still get them back, but before you proceed with the files recovery, it is important for you to understand how deletion works!

Deletion of a file does not necessarily means it’s already wiped out from the face of the earth. On the contrary, it is just the pointer to where it is stored that is removed. Once this is restored, you will be able to access the file again as if nothing happened.

The problem arises when the trash is also emptied by the user. In this situation, the files still exist on your system. They can be found on the lower levels of your hard drive but your system cannot internally locate them.

Remember though that you need to recover those files quickly since data can degrade and be overwritten as time goes by. The faster you get to recovering the data, the better the chances of a complete recovery.

Restore Deleted Files From Recycle Bin

The only option left with you after you empty your Recycle Bin is to depend on the third-party data recovery software. Once a file is deleted from the trash folder your OS cannot locate the information on its own.

Tools for recovering data are also able to extract lost data from a just-formatted disk as well as being able to retrieve data from the Recycle Bin. Moreover, the software can also recover deleted attachments and emails. This software will scan your PC and gives you an interface where you can preview and choose which files to recover.

Did you accidentally delete files from the Recycle Bin? Need help restoring your recently emptied Recycle Bin? Well, look no further. You can restore lost data with the best file recovery software on the net. Try it out completely risk free!