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Every day people suffer data loss on Mac products due to hardware failures, accidentally formatting the wrong volume of a drive, software corruption, viruses, and simply deleting files by mistake. In any of these situations, Mac users don’t have to throw up their hands and resign themselves to the loss of important data and files. Stellar Phoenix Mac Recovery is a utility that allows users recover mac files that may have been lost by any of the means listed above.


We had the opportunity to test drive Stellar Phoenix’s software suite, Mac Data Recovery. We’ve tested various Mac recovery software in the past claiming to achieve recovery under the circumstances listed by Stellar Phoenix, and our experiences have been less than consistent. With that in mind we set up a couple of tests to evaluate how well Mac Data Recovery from hardware failure and corruption related issues. We were very pleased with the results.


Failed Partition


We setup a test to evaluate how well Stellar Phoenix’s Mac Data Recovery was able to recover Apple files from a failed partition.  To do this we placed a couple of files on a drive and then botched the partition attempt. Under normal use the files weren’t accessible or found. We then launched Mac Data Recovery and were presented with the option of scanning for volumes, create image, and raw data recovery. We selected raw data recovery and the software immediately started populating a list of files in the botched partition. Amongst those files were the planted files we were looking for!


Reformatted Drive


Next we tested how well the software copes with recovering Mac data from an accidentally reformatted drive. We selected the scan volume option and immediately folders were recovered. Macintosh Data Recovery then runs a more detailed search that outputs the found data to the OS X data structure.  After going to digging through the folder hierarchy, I was able to find my test files. While this test took a little time, one must realize that the test is looking through the entire volume as opposed to searching for individual files.  Mac Data Recovery accomplished this task in what we would consider to be a standard amount of time.




Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery program has received awards and accolades from Macworld, Bright Hub, MyMac Magazine, and Silicon Mountain Users Group. It is known through tech circles as one of the best Macintosh data recovery software out there.  If you’re looking for a productive data recovery suite for Macs, check out Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery.

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