File Recovery Formatted OS – Can You Recover Files From a Formatted Hard Drive?

For most average computer users, the thought that you can still recover files after formatting the hard drive is just impossible. Any data that wasn’t backed up is gone permanently. However, this is not always true. You can still retrieve files even after you have reformatted your hard drive. The key is just to act quickly.

File recovery from a formatted OS? Absolutely yes! You can restore data lost due to a reformatted hard drive. What you need to do is scan your computer with a specialized data recovery software and you can rescue the important files erased from your computer.

When you format the OS, what the specific entries of the files are the only ones erased, while leaving the original files and programs intact. Simply put, only the ways of accessing the files traditionally (through your personal folders or desktop) have been removed, but the original files are still there. This is true even if your drive appears empty.

Since you just reformatted your hard drive, it is inevitable that you will add new files and programs in it. These new information will simply overwrite the old data in the drive and will cause those data to be lost forever. That’s why I tell you to perform the file recovery of a formatted hard drive because you will never know when it will be overwritten.

The best file recovery software can reach even the smallest corners of your computer’s memory and can retrieve almost every kind of file – word documents, photos, music files, even programs. It just scans your computer for the files that you can salvage from your hard drive.

Looking to recover files from a damaged or formatted hard drive? Don’t panic, you may be able to recover that lost data. Simply scan your computer for free with the best file recovery software on the net. The sooner you act, the better your chances of recovery are.